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good riddance to 1819

I’m not entirely sure when Hazlitt’s Table Talk was written, but I was reading it over Christmas, at my sister’s house, and discovered, to my horror and astonishment, the best description you could imagine of recreational comment pages. It comes … Continue reading

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Who put up the money for The Pirate Bay

I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere in the English language press that the man who put up the money for the Pirate Bay has a remarkably unsavoury past, straight out of Stieg Larsson. Carl Lundström inherited a fortune from crispbread, … Continue reading

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Book Search

If this list is Google’s idea of the history books we might want to read on our mobile phones, Amazon can breathe easy. Five books are listed. One purports to be the memoirs of Napoleon; two are by those well … Continue reading

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Greatest google maps mashup I’ve seen

Hey, what’s that?. Generates a panoramic view with a crib from anywhere in the continental US, and possibly outside it. Awe-inspiring.

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The ultimate breakup cookbook, written by a Serb. When not cooking or eating testicles, or helping others to do so, he now runs a company involved in the maintenance of medical and dental equipment. Just in case you felt this … Continue reading

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Moronic BBC story

clipped from the news site this afternoon: To use a phrase that Ros thinks is the stupidest ever printed on a newspaper website, What do you think texting does to your driving?

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Passionato: avoid

I had a look this morning at Passionato, which ought to be a really good idea: a site devoted to selling high-quality Classical music without DRM from the catalogues of respectable companies (DG, Decca, and so on). Unfortunately, this good … Continue reading

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I’m obviously going to try the new Google browser, Chrome, when it comes out. But there are -two- three things to note. The first is that it seems to me a further instance of Norwegian world domination: it is based … Continue reading

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An infinitely gloomy picture

Comes via John Naughton: it shows the bloggers’ room at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and half the comments seem to be people saying “Look! We’re just like real journalists!”. The accredited bloggers are penned with their laptops in … Continue reading

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Bloody Nokia

I just bought — well, changed my contract to — a Nokia 6220: a very flashy phone with a nice camera, a GPS receiver, and in fact everything you could possibly want in a phone — except one tiny thing: … Continue reading

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