Who put up the money for The Pirate Bay

I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere in the English language press that the man who put up the money for the Pirate Bay has a remarkably unsavoury past, straight out of Stieg Larsson. Carl Lundström inherited a fortune from crispbread, and has put some of it into extremist right-wing parties, with a strong anti-immigrant line. In 1985 he was questioned along with a group of skinheads who beat up some Latin Americans in the old town in Stockholm; in the early Nineties he was thrown out of New Democracy, a populist and xenophobic party, for being too right wing; this month it turns out that one of the men arrested for his part in an armed burglary and assault in a small town on the West Coast, part of a feud within a neo-nazist organisation, was the managing director of one of Lundström’s companies.

The thing I really like is that he was also involved with an attempted coup within the Taxpayers’ Federation, a pressure group, which wanted to get it explicitly to blame Sweden’s high taxes on the presence of immigrants. A couple of years ago, Svenska Dagbladet found that the Pirate Bay’s revenues have all been shipped to Switzerland via Israel, to save them from the taxman. Lundström apparently put up the money for 100 candidates from the Sweden Democrats (an anti-immigrant party regarded with horror by the mainstream) to stand for election to the Federation’s board.

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  2. K.B says:

    very interesting. thanks
    i wonder why the mainstream piracy-loving media doesnt mention this?

  3. Lars says:

    Everyone knows this, but who made BMW, and IBM rich?
    Oh, yes it was Hitler. Business is Business. Who cares…

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  6. Josh says:


    Business is business but when they are trying to turn this into a political cause, complete with their own party “Pirate Party” you bet it matters. Sure, you think you’ll be voting for free file sharing, but see what you’ll really get.

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  12. ragna says:

    These “facts” about Carl Lundstrom. Where did you get them? My guess is the media. Do you believe everything that is written by the media?
    I really like the part “In 1985 he was questioned along with a group of skinheads who beat up some Latin Americans in the old town in Stockholm;”. You dont even tell the whole story, cause you dont know. I know. Im his daughter. And all this shit about him being a rasist and a nazi is making me sick. You make me sick. Get your facts straight, hear it from both sides before you go and trash somebody. You have no idea how much pain you cause.

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