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Unity sees the bright side

There is more to the story I told in “the previous entry”: about the SS man who found he was a Jew. Here is how it ended, in Unity’s telling to Diana. bq.. Of course poor Heinz was completely _erledigt_ … Continue reading Continue reading

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Nazis stole my Christmas

I was given a copy of the Mitford sisters’ collected letters, and have sunk, enthralled, into its currents, occasionally surfacing, sputtering and expostulating, to read whole chunks out loud to the nearest victim. The nicknames and the silliness no longer … Continue reading Continue reading

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Two short notes on theology

I can’t resist quoting at length from a glorious piece by Fred Clark on his problems with a spam filter. Clark is a Baptist journalist, whose blog, “the Slacktivist,”: contains an extended, gloriously funny, deconstruction of the _Left Behind_ books, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Life in the South

So, to a party in London, where the first person I talk to is Fay Weldon. It is incredibly noisy and cramped, and when I tell her that my latest work is really a sort of time-travel book about Sweden … Continue reading Continue reading

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Book cover

Here at last: the back cover text is in the alt tag. Continue reading

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How to adjust the area

You’ll have to scroll down to the bottom of this Language Log post to learn the answer. It is a wonderful example of the perils of machine translation. A rather cleaner piece of linguistics, from the same sourse, is a … Continue reading Continue reading

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It’s not for me

It’s for a friend, honest: but does the lazyweb know a way to tweak the firewall in OS X so that all traffic on Port 80 is forbidden between midnight and 3.30pm, so that some work gets done? Continue reading

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Sell all your bank shares

A terrifying glimpse into the US mortgage market, via Rafe Coburn, from which it emerges that until about six months ago, you could borrow enough to buy a house valued at a million dollars on a household income of _less … Continue reading

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Truncated brain processes

And you, too can be left looking like Cletus the slack-jawed yokel if you just read this. Part of me feels a twinge of shame for the _Spectator_ that Alexander Chancellor edited. This is what might be called the nut … Continue reading Continue reading

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Are virtues Christian?

Someone — I think Phillip Pullman — was complaining the other day that he got really pissed off by the claim that love, goodness, courage, etc, were “christian virtues”, since they can be exhibited by atheists and other non-Christians. Are … Continue reading Continue reading

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