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Gone Fishing

I’m off to the photograph in the header for three weeks and I don’t plan to post anything until August the 6th or 7th. Have a wonderful summer, all of you.

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FT review of Fishing in Utopia

Another gratifying review, from the Financial Times, where Hugh Carnegy, the executive editor, likes Fishing in Utopia,a lot, though he thinks, god knows why, that I am “a melancholy soul”. It is the window on Sweden that gives this book … Continue reading

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a throwaway line

All civilisation depends on two things: self-restraint and hope for the future. That’s why it can survive some wars. But if they go, it goes.

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Another really good review

John Carey reviews Fishing in Utopia,in the Sunday Times: thoughtful and illuminating, with a kindly quote towards the end: Fishing in Utopia is a lament for a lost Eden. But it is more than that. Essentially it is a story … Continue reading

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Back to bed with Diarmaid

Another hundred pages of MacCulloch’s Reformation this morning; wonderful stuff. The parallels with today are not in the least bit cheering; among them the way in which the printing press, like the Internet, allowed everyone, however ignorant, to join in theological … Continue reading

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Buy this week’s New Yorker

for a wonderful essay on Chesterton by Adam Gopnik (not online) which tackles the question of his anti-semitism head on. I had not realised quite how vile it was; as Gopnik says, if he was a man of his time, … Continue reading

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A glimpse of hell

Perhaps because I am feeling depressed by illness, unable either to walk or work as hard as is normally needed to keep low spirits away, the world seems horribly meretricicious. I watched an episode of the Wire last night, in … Continue reading

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Four weeks

Tomorrow it will be four weeks since the bloody ear infection started, which explains the infrequency of posting. In that time I have never known whether some sudden injudicious gesture, like wiping a sweaty forehead on my sleeve, will convert … Continue reading

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