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Explaining creationism in British schools

The first impulse for Melanie Phillips’ long journey to the very very right came from her experiences as one of the Guardian’s education writers, where the gap between propaganda and reality was just unbearable. Today’s paper shows what she was … Continue reading

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quick travel notes

I was in Edinburgh on Thursday. When I left my hotel to buy a paper, I found a dozen schoolchildren in the corner shop and the first thing I thought, accustomed as I am to the mores of the Home … Continue reading

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More things that Telegraph readers say

The Guardian has a piece today lamenting that there is an elected BNP councillor who has a blog at the Telegraph site. Fair enough; but if the man has been elected and if what he posts is legal it’s hard … Continue reading

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A quick thought

I really don’t know the answer to this question. But when I read the work of Muslims trying to modernise/reform their religion by reinterpreting the Koran from first principles (well, all right, from our principles), I’m struck by one problem: … Continue reading

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Paging Fred Clark

Dear Fred, not all the fanmail you get is spam. Some needs a reply …

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Don’t have sex with Roman Catholics

Last Monday I went to see Nick Davies talking at Wolfson College, and in consequence bought his book; quite by coincidence. Kevin Myers’ memoir of life in Belfast Watching the Door turned up on Friday, so I read that too. … Continue reading

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In praise, again, of Brian Aldiss

I really think he may be the most under-rated writer in England today. I am continually surprised by the range of his accomplishments. Years ago I scanned in a large extract from the opening of one of his books about … Continue reading

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Away for the weekend

To see Richard Thompson last night, for about the third or fourth time in my life, and clearly the best. It was the first show I’ve seen where his guitar playing would take off unexpectedly in the middle of songs … Continue reading

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It’s warmer than you think

One of my silly habits is to read quotidian blogs from the Swedish provinces. I absolutely don’t want anything that tells me large news when I do so. The Archers would be far too exciting. I just want a pleasing … Continue reading

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code and prose

I’d be interested to know from any of the developers who read this whether my piece in yesterday’s Guardian made sense.

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