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on being told by PZ to fuck off

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

PZ posted a tremendous rant about me and Michael Ruse last week, which concluded with a heartfelt exhortation to both of us to “fuck off” (his emphasis). The cause was a piece I did on the grauniad site about Ruse’s visit to a creation museum in which he experienced, for a moment, “a Kuhnian flash” that it might all be true. Never mind that this was a momentary feeling. It was unmistakable evidence of heresy, or commerce with the devil God which demanded anathematisation and commination, which it duly got.

What follows is a rather long-winded argument that there is no need for me to respond that PZ can go fuck himself. Portions may later appear on the belief site, but at least here I can operate a consistent policy of banning bores and fools so there is some hope of an enjoyable conversation.

Granny on a mobile

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

I found through the extremely eccentric google news alerts a lovely clip of a wolf in western Finland, where is was discovered by a couple of schoolboys out for a walk. Being modern Finns, they did not pull out their rifles but their mobile phone and filmed it slouching briskly down the forest track. Being Finns, of course the film is silent.

The report is undated, but judging by the comments the incident took place in the middle of March this year. Hence the snow.

And, thank you Ollie. The hangover has abated. I am just feeling rather overworked.