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On marching, or at least standing around, against Trump

We cycled down from Kings Cross to Cambridge Circus around five, and reached Trafalgar Square about five thirty. The square was still full but there were open spaces on Whitehall and all the way down to parliament square, which was … Continue reading

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Fire and Fury

The Michael Wolff book about Donald Trump has a great deal more art in it than most reviews would have you believe. It’s written with a deft and elegant touch, and although it is undoubtedly an assault on Trump with … Continue reading

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I went to see Avatar because of a subtle and enthusiastic review by Roz Kaveney; a pity that she must have watched it in another universe. The film I saw had no plot, no characters, no conflict, and no depth … Continue reading

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on being told by PZ to fuck off

PZ posted a tremendous rant about me and Michael Ruse last week, which concluded with a heartfelt exhortation to both of us to “fuck off” (his emphasis). The cause was a piece I did on the grauniad site about Ruse’s … Continue reading

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A republic of laws

I haven’t finished The Wire yet, but I am reasonably confident that the best piece of dialogue in the whole series occurs pretty early on in the very first episode, where a detective is trying to persuade a judge to … Continue reading

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An excellent discovery

Chris Hedges’ book “I don’t believe in atheists.”: My copy has been pre-owned, as they say (I ordered from Powells, since it isn’t published in this country) by a believer in scientism, whose pencil annotations are most illuminating. The book … Continue reading

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Yes we fucking could!

I suppose I would have been less shocked and disappointed if Obama had lost than when Kerry did because I could not, still cannot, imagine how anyone could have regarded Bush as even minimally competent by November 2004. But still … Continue reading

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A sad reality

The Country Vicar wants me to be apocalyptic. Here’s apocalyptic for you: not only is the vice presidential cadidate prayed over by a Kenyan exorcists who boasts of driving “witchcraft” out of towns there, but his boast is defended by … Continue reading

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The return of socialism

I have been saying for years that the FT was the best left-wing newspaper in Britain: just look at today’s issue which proclaims the end of Thatcher/Reagan capitalism. Just as New Labour, built on the rejection of Clause Four (for … Continue reading

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One thing you can say for this election: it will certainly clear up any doubt about whether racism can swing the outcome of a national political race in America. I know that Harriet disagrees with me violently in my pessimism, … Continue reading

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