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Not pronounced the obvious way

There is to be a new Anglican Communion, based around the 1662 prayerbook and the 39 Articles — delicious, that Peter Akinola and Peter Jensen should be heading up an organisation which takes as an article of faith that foreign … Continue reading

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A simple thought on the management of software

I just wrote a column for Charles Arthur about how I had celebrated Firefox day by switching back to Opera and this thought didn’t quite make it in. The organisational division between the users and producers of software should follow … Continue reading

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Book reviews

I am exhausted from a rather wonderful launch party last night, but the first review of Fishing in Utopia is up, in the Economist. Very gratifying, with just the right touch of vinegar to keep it from being cloying — … Continue reading

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I didn’t do this. And I am opposed to self-linking. But it’s very funny. See what the FWB has made!

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Windows 3.1 lies athwart my future

I have two CD roms on my desk right now which retailed for about £500 each in the early Nineties. Each one holds a year’s run of the Independent; so far as I know they are my only way of … Continue reading

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Three words that should be river names

The Prannock The Wazzock The Twunt I imagine they are all in the West country somewhere. The Prannock is a chalk stream, with a small watercress farm on its lower reaches. The Wazzock is slow, with pike-filled eddies. The Twunt … Continue reading

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Muslim slave raiders

According to MacCulloch, (p 57) On the eastern and southern rim of Europe, Islam remained a threat until the end of the seventeenth century. Even when the activities of the Ottoman fleet were curbed after the battle of Lepanto in … Continue reading

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Getting better

I have been reading <strike>Dairmaid</strike> <strike>Dermot</strike> <strike>Diarmaud</strike> Diarmaid MacCulloch’s rather wonderful Reformation; this clears up a lot of confusion about the roots of the Church of England and its model of authority. In modern political terms, all Henry VIII did … Continue reading

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Silence getting old

I know, I know. I have an infection of the middle ear, which has been on for nearly a fortnight now. The symptoms are tedious, and involve unpredictable and incapacitating giddiness, rising to occasional vomiting, and steady, well-established stupidity even … Continue reading

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Nerdly weekend note

Opera 9.5 is out and I am back too using it instead of Thunderbird/Firefox. This is mostly because it is very much faster, especially at mail. But it comes with most of the essential Firefox add-ins built in — Ad-blocking, … Continue reading

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