Greatest google maps mashup I’ve seen

Hey, what’s that?. Generates a panoramic view with a crib from anywhere in the continental US, and possibly outside it. Awe-inspiring.

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4 Responses to Greatest google maps mashup I’ve seen

  1. Rupert says:

    I tried Parliament Hill. It was convincing to the south, but I’ve never noticed the majestic, soaring cliffs of East Finchley before, let alone admired the way they flow into the massif central of Golders Green. Which is odd, given the number of strange things I have seen on Parliament Hill…

  2. I tried Stone Mountain, Georgia, and it didn’t seem to notice Kennesaw Mountain to the northwest. That would be visible from Stone Mountain.

  3. acb says:

    I think that both of you and especially Rupert should file bug reports. Seriously., This will be fantastic when it works everywhere.

  4. Looked again, and Kennesaw Mountain was there.

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