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A taste of canon law

This morning I was reading the Code of Canon Law at breakfast — there is a reason — and found my way to the rules for absolving whomsoever the priest may have screwed. This is a big no no, as … Continue reading

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La Chute

Last night I went to bed rereading Galbraith’s The Great Crash and felt for the first time that I understood the financial manipulations behind it all. This morning I looked at the papers, briefly. The two policy wonks I quoted … Continue reading

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In which Stephen Glover …

Is forced to swallow the contents of his sickbag in his column for the, erm, Independent:<blockquote>So what do I think of last week’s re-vamp, as well as other changes introduced by The Independent’s new editor, Roger Alton, over the past … Continue reading

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Funhouse mirror on the wall

via Razib, I just stumbled on this global obesity chart. No prizes for guessing that the fattest people on earth are Americans, at 30% obese, and it’s reasonable that Britain, at 23% shoud be in third place. But — except … Continue reading

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A sad reality

The Country Vicar wants me to be apocalyptic. Here’s apocalyptic for you: not only is the vice presidential cadidate prayed over by a Kenyan exorcists who boasts of driving “witchcraft” out of towns there, but his boast is defended by … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Swiss banks?

There is yet more from the FT about the crash: an article suggesting that while the US government had to nationalise the finance system to save it, no European government is big enough to do the same, if that proves … Continue reading

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Rowan Williams and responsibility

In ordinary language, “to take responsibility” for someone or something means to tell them what to do and then take the blame when it goes wrong. This is not at all what Rowan Williams means by the phrase — at … Continue reading

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A short Q&A with Melanie Phillips

In this morning’s Mail she has a pop at Baroness Warnock: Q: Has there ever been anyone who has displayed more inhumanity towards her fellow human beings, and yet had more influence over British society, than the noble Baroness Warnock? … Continue reading

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Improbable statistics

According to Spiegel, there are between 8,000 and 10,000 wild boars living in and around Berlin today; according to the Guardian, the Independent currently sells, at full price, 131,566 copies. That’s before they put the price up 25% to £1.00. … Continue reading

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Silly mapping fun

I have been playing with the GPS on my new phone — let’s face it: you can’t do more than play — and found a wonderful site here, which offers a split screen view, with a large scale Ordnance Survey … Continue reading

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