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Scraps at the end of a long silly day

* These quiz things seem popular on the internet, so here is a one question personality test, without any typing, to try: what is the word you see here? * Damian Thompson has now admitted his story was nonsense, but … Continue reading

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Kornbluth and Eugenics

Looking around for links with which to embellish my last piece, I discovered that almost all of the references on the net to the great Cyril Kornbluth story _The Marching Morons_ stressed its eugenicist — actually dysgenicist — character, something … Continue reading Continue reading

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Another approach to sanity on the net

I was told the other day about an interesting feature of some of the most widely used blog comment software in the newspaper business, Pluck Site Life, which is used by the _Washington Post,_ the _San Francisco Chronicle_ and others. … Continue reading Continue reading

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Damian Thompson: wtf f?

There is a completely insane story up on his blog at the moment about a supposed riot in which “Muslims” shut down one of the public hospitals in Sydney rather than allow an autopsy to be performed on a young … Continue reading Continue reading

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Surveillance: wtf?

The _Telegraph_ reports today that there are more than a thousand phone-tapping applications made (and granted) every day in Britain. The paper is particularly worked up because it is not just the intelligence services and the police but local councils … Continue reading Continue reading

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Nice Mac things

I had to help a friend buy a macbook the other day. My well-informed advice was pretty simple: “You don’t need _that_ or _that_ or even _that._ Buy the cheapest one in the shop, and, by the way, have you … Continue reading Continue reading

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Colour management on Windows

About fourteen months after I realised there was a problem, I have finally reached a system which allows the faithful reproduction of colours when printing digital photographs on windows. I’m not saying this is the only one. But it works, … Continue reading Continue reading

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The final failure of Thatcherism

A really excellent piece by Andrew Leonard in his _Salon_ blog. Key quote: bq. The root of Wall Street’s woes leads back directly to their own strategic missteps, greed, speculation-run-amok, and _lack of appropriate supervision._ The brightest minds in finance … Continue reading Continue reading

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I hate IBM/Lenovo, almost everyone this morning

* Over at the _Guardian_ there is a vigorous discussion of the new Apple Airmac, on which someone mentions that the IBM competitor, the Thinkpad X61, is on sale in the states for $1349 right now. Well, I love the … Continue reading Continue reading

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uncelebrity gossip

So to a party to celebrate _Granta’s_ 100th issue. I arrive late, having started at the wrong tube station and walked from Queensway to the Portobello Road in pouring rain. On the stairs up to the auditorium is Martin Amis, … Continue reading Continue reading

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