The ultimate breakup cookbook, written by a Serb.

When not cooking or eating testicles, or helping others to do so, he now runs a company involved in the maintenance of medical and dental equipment.

Just in case you felt this blog only ever discussed works of theology.

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6 Responses to Tasteless

  1. Simple Country Vicar says:

    OK, it was the videos which made my knees snap together.

    Besides who ever had the idea you just wrote about theology?
    (currently reading some damn book about Sweden)

  2. Testicles almost literally melt in the mouth.

  3. Mrs Tilton says:

    In what important way, Andrew, is Mr Erovic’s book not a work of theology? (I mean, beyond the obvious joke that it is just a lot of bollocks.)

    I had meant that as snark when I began writing it a few seconds ago, but it occurs to me that it isn’t, really. Either one takes the transcendant view, and then nothing can be a work of theology; or else the immanent view, and then everything is.

  4. Rupert says:

    A more important question – is it a seminal work?


  5. acb says:

    Fragano, you’re going to have to work on your chatup lines, you know.

  6. My wife hasn’t complained yet, Andrew.

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