Silly mapping fun

I have been playing with the GPS on my new phone — let’s face it: you can’t do more than play — and found a wonderful site here, which offers a split screen view, with a large scale Ordnance Survey map on one side, and a satellite view on the other. On the OS map, you can mark out routes, which can then be exported in XML to the phone; and if you have OS maps on the phone, too, courtesy of Viewranger, then the whole route is available in a pocket. It’s much easier to plot a route on a big screen than on the phone. Viewranger, incidentally, offers maps of Finland and Slovenia as well as Great Britain, and is hoping to do Norway and Sweden too, soon. And OS-type maps are much better than Google for walking and looking.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Something somewhere between this and would be perfect. Bikehike has lots of nice cylists’ gizmos like profiles and gradients, and has also implemented google “follow road” routing. It also has a facility to save and reload routes.

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