Funhouse mirror on the wall

via Razib, I just stumbled on this global obesity chart. No prizes for guessing that the fattest people on earth are Americans, at 30% obese, and it’s reasonable that Britain, at 23% shoud be in third place. But — except that it’s next to Texas — there seems no reason for Mexicans to be fatter than the Brits, as they are.

Although I remember Sweden as a country with no fat people at all, and so they figure largely in my sight when I go there now, it is in fact 21 on the list, with 9.7%, less than half the British rate. On the other hand, a third of Swedish cats are overweight, according to today’s paper.

The two thinnest rich countries are Japan and South Korea, both with less than 4% obesity. Oliver Sacks, I know, cured his corpulence by eating nothing but sushi for lunch for years, if not decades.

NationMaster – Obesity (most recent) by country.

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