A short Q&A with Melanie Phillips

In this morning’s Mail she has a pop at Baroness Warnock:

Q: Has there ever been anyone who has displayed more inhumanity towards her fellow human beings, and yet had more influence over British society, than the noble Baroness Warnock?

To which the plain helminths of this log reply:

A: Paul Dacre.


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4 Responses to A short Q&A with Melanie Phillips

  1. acb says:

    huh? Is that in the wrong thread?

  2. Andrew says:

    Given Melanie Phillips’s, ahem, “elastic” attitude to the truth and her failure to give a reference beyond “a church magazine”, does anyone know where Mary Warnock’s own words can be found? Looking at the ten-year-old “An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Ethics” I can see a carefully nuanced and intelligent discussion of the subject, and one which MP would probably disagree vigorously with, but it isn’t what MP says MW thinks in that revolting article.

  3. Damn. It is in the wrong thread.

  4. acb says:

    Andrew, it’s in the Church of Scotland’s magazine, _Work and Life._ I don’t know if the whole thing is online anwhere.

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