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That speech

I swear I heard Obama say that the essence of America was “Hoping for a better future round the bend”.

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Why should anyone else feel good?

Something about the events of the last week have convinced me that Obama will lose horribly this autumn, and that the Clintonites were right in their assumption that America will not elect a black, metropolitan liberal president. I can’t quite … Continue reading

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An infinitely gloomy picture

Comes via John Naughton: it shows the bloggers’ room at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and half the comments seem to be people saying “Look! We’re just like real journalists!”. The accredited bloggers are penned with their laptops in … Continue reading

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What we learn from polls

via _Crooked Timber,_ the purest possible illustration of the thesis that to many Americans “Muslim” means “dark and dangerous“, nothing more: bq. There is little evidence that the recent news about Obama’s affiliation with the United Church of Christ has … Continue reading Continue reading

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Nineteen percent

Did Nixon get down to fourteen? Well, there are ten months left for Bush to beat that. But this approval rating is still rather gratifying. Of course, once the air goes out of the American economy, the rest of us … Continue reading Continue reading

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The final failure of Thatcherism

A really excellent piece by Andrew Leonard in his _Salon_ blog. Key quote: bq. The root of Wall Street’s woes leads back directly to their own strategic missteps, greed, speculation-run-amok, and _lack of appropriate supervision._ The brightest minds in finance … Continue reading Continue reading

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An Evil thought

Why is everyone so convinced that it was Hillary’s tears which swung the vote in New Hampshire? It seems to me at least possible that there is a certain reluctance to vote for black peopple. This is understood to be … Continue reading Continue reading

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Sell all your bank shares

A terrifying glimpse into the US mortgage market, via Rafe Coburn, from which it emerges that until about six months ago, you could borrow enough to buy a house valued at a million dollars on a household income of _less … Continue reading

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Philip Kitcher on Darwin

I think I put up a post saying, briefly, that Philip Kitcher’s _Living with Darwin_ was a very good short book. Here is an extract answering a question that has often puzzled me – and, incidentally, suggesting why Dennett’s book … Continue reading

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