Why should anyone else feel good?

Something about the events of the last week have convinced me that Obama will lose horribly this autumn, and that the Clintonites were right in their assumption that America will not elect a black, metropolitan liberal president. I can’t quite put my finger on the evidence that persuaded me that—to put it crudely—racism will decide this election. Mary Dejevsky’s piece in today’s Independent is part of it. But I think the most telling nugget of information was the poll showing that 24% of Americans think their country is “not ready” for a black president. This is more than five times as many as those who say they wouldn’t vote for such a candidate, but in the privacy of the voting booth it means the same thing. There’ll be plenty of occasion to cry “God Damn America” as this goes on.

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  1. ShaunR says:

    Nothing in that poll about voting intention. So, much of that 24% may be made up of those who were always going to vote Republican. And “Twenty-three percent of Americans say John McCain’s age would make him a less effective president were he to win in November”. So, if that 23% skews less Democrat than your 24% skews Republican…

    Why shouldn’t we believe he can win in spite of his race and because he has an unattractive opponent from a disgraced party?

  2. H. E. Baber says:

    Care to put yer money where your mouth is and make a little election bet on this one, Andrew? There’s a lot about Brits that I don’t get–like Marmite and mushy peas. But youse guys don’t get how race plays in the US–in particular that there are lots of Americans who believe that even though they aren’t racists most other Americans, in particular the white working class, are. How about $500–which, by election day should be worth about £100.

  3. Rafe says:

    I find that almost everyone who says “America isn’t ready for a black President” is a racist, even if they won’t admit it. It’s projection.

    That said, I still think that Obama will win. Why? Because he’s a strategist and because he has a plan for winning. After Obama won the primary, I revisited a leaked document with the campaign’s predictions for which states they would win (before any primaries were held). They predicted nearly every one correctly. So as the media wrung its hands about disastrous losses in Pennsylvania and the significance of West Virginia, everything was going basically as Obama’s campaign had predicted. They knew how many votes they needed to get the nomination, and they came up with a plan to get them.

    I expect he has a plan to get 270 electoral votes that will work out as well, and all you need to be President is 270 electoral votes.

  4. acb says:

    Harriet, I can’t bet on this — my wife is allergic to gambling. But you can mock me all you want if you win.

  5. Jack Meov says:

    God help us all if Obama is not elected. McCain would start WWIII and Palin will drill a hole through the earth looking for that elusive energy independence America so desperately purports to want.

  6. acb says:

    Oh, sure. But the starting point of all my calculations is the election of GWB in 2004. That was such an obviously catastrophic and insane choice — it was so easy and so obvious to say, in advance, “God help us all if he beats Kerry” — that I can only think God is anxious to help and looking to set up situations where he can.

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