Jonathan Raban on Sarah Palin

What is most striking about her is that she seems perfectly untroubled by either curiosity or the usual processes of thought. When answering questions, both Obama and Joe Biden have an unfortunate tendency to think on their feet and thereby tie themselves in knots: Palin never thinks. Instead, she relies on a limited stock of facts, bright generalities and pokerwork maxims, all as familiar and well-worn as old pennies. Given any question, she reaches into her bag for the readymade sentence that sounds most nearly proximate to an answer, and, rather than speaking it, recites it, in the upsy-downsy voice of a middle-schooler pronouncing the letters of a word in a spelling bee. She then fixes her lips in a terminal smile.

From the latest issue, which I found when searching for the previous quote, which is not online if you don’t subscribe, and is not even online if, like me, you subscribe, but throw away the wrapper and so lose your subscriber number.

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  1. ‘Palin never thinks.’ Sounds like some students I’ve taught.

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