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Reversion to the mean

Austrian politics drift, farcically, to the right. Apparently there is a coalition proposed between the Social Democrats and the Freedom Party, as the former neo-Nazis call themselves. This is the outfit that used to be run by Jörg Haider, against … Continue reading

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Moronic BBC story

clipped from the news site this afternoon: To use a phrase that Ros thinks is the stupidest ever printed on a newspaper website, What do you think texting does to your driving?

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The return of socialism

I have been saying for years that the FT was the best left-wing newspaper in Britain: just look at today’s issue which proclaims the end of Thatcher/Reagan capitalism. Just as New Labour, built on the rejection of Clause Four (for … Continue reading

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Emmylou Harris

Just a brief note to say that her current tour is great. The audience at the Hammersmith Apollo on Sunday was incredibly respectful and seated; the sound, where we sat, was lousy. But her voice was wonderful, the song selection … Continue reading

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Old-fashioned journalism

I was taken to lunch at a good London club earlier this week and suddenly I can see the point of being rich (and male): champagne before the meal; pouilly fumé with the oysters and very nice burgundy with my … Continue reading

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Good Rowan

I have finished my review, and am sitting on it for a night to decide whether it could not be softened or improved; in any case, here is a passage where Rowan is actually doing what he sets out to … Continue reading

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One thing you can say for this election: it will certainly clear up any doubt about whether racism can swing the outcome of a national political race in America. I know that Harriet disagrees with me violently in my pessimism, … Continue reading

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Passionato: avoid

I had a look this morning at Passionato, which ought to be a really good idea: a site devoted to selling high-quality Classical music without DRM from the catalogues of respectable companies (DG, Decca, and so on). Unfortunately, this good … Continue reading

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Rowan on God (I think)

what I understand him to be saying is this: (I have blockquoted it, for as much clarity as possible, but the paraphrase is mine. Subsequent quotes are his.) God is neither a fact amongst other facts, nor an explanation of … Continue reading

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Reading and sleeping

I have made it almost to the end of the Dostoevsky book by getting up early and allowing myself to fall asleep while I read it, waking refreshed for another ten pages or so. Is this a sign of a … Continue reading

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