Emmylou Harris

Just a brief note to say that her current tour is great. The audience at the Hammersmith Apollo on Sunday was incredibly respectful and seated; the sound, where we sat, was lousy. But her voice was wonderful, the song selection imaginative, and the band superb. Lots of religious/gospel songs, the high spot being a version of John the Baptist, with the lead part played on a mandolin. Don’t ask me why the youtube clip I have linked to shows the banjo player when the mandolin is soloing and the mandolin player dropping his pick while the banjo plays. Perhaps the sound was even worse where that was filmed.

PS. It would be very wicked to point out that a bootleg of the previous night’s show can be torrented from Dime.

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2 Responses to Emmylou Harris

  1. richard dixon says:

    I was sat 4 rows from front in the centre and the sound was 100%.

    Loud – but not ear-splitting – crystal clear and excellent tone. Never heard better. There was a couple of empty seats in front of us so the view was never better either! Not a great fan of the Apollo but no complaints this time.

  2. acb says:

    Being in the centre must have made a huge difference. We were off to one side in the stalls, though fairly far forward.

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