Another really good review

John Carey reviews Fishing in Utopia,in the Sunday Times: thoughtful and illuminating, with a kindly quote towards the end:

Fishing in Utopia is a lament for a lost Eden. But it is more than that. Essentially it is a story of modern rootlessness and the search for something to believe in. The fact that that something turns out, absurdly, to be fishing only makes it more tragic. I can see it becoming a cult book, and not just among anglers. You do not (I can personally guarantee) need to have the slightest interest in fishing to be caught up in his rapt descriptions of reels and lines and casting and flies and the enormous quiet of Sweden’s uninhabited places.

But this is a big review from a big reviewer, and well worth having.

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  2. Oliver says:

    Why “But”?

  3. rr says:

    Amazon link gives a 404

  4. acb says:

    Yes. For some reason, just cutting and pasting the sidebar didn’t work either. I’ll fix it later.

  5. acb says:

    why the “But”, Oli? Because actually I thought I believed in writing. Not that that has done a notable job of rescuing my sanity, either.

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