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for a wonderful essay on Chesterton by Adam Gopnik (not online) which tackles the question of his anti-semitism head on. I had not realised quite how vile it was; as Gopnik says, if he was a man of his time, this is isn’t much of an excuse, since his time was also that of the preparation of the holocaust. But Gopnik is also full of appreciation for Chesterton’s qualities, and discusses beautifully his views of anarchism and its role in the pre-1914 imagination.

Oh, yes: Seymour Hersh is online with a huge piece about how the Bush junta is still trying to start a big war with  Iran and already fighting a little, proxy war. But we knew that already, sort of.

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  1. Louise says:

    Ah Andrew, thanks for that – I need to get my hands on that essay.

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