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Here at last: the back cover text is in the alt tag.

Deep every winter when the cold really squeezed we would be pushed into a new world where everything outside became as lurid and frozen as the weather inside me. The change was announced by sudden metallic booms resounding through the house a little before midnight. This happened whenever the temperature fell to minus 30 C and the concrete and girders of the flats shrank in loud convulsive shudders. It was like a sonic boom announcing that we had passed beyond earth's atmosphere.

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  1. Rupert says:

    That’s a very attractive cover.

    Um… I wasn’t going to say this until I saw it had been used as the back cover pullquote, and I realise that it’s a really annoying thing to say (I recommend the Bradbury Defense), but you can’t get a sonic boom on leaving the atmosphere. In fact, you don’t ever really leave the atmosphere, it just sort of fades away, but by the time you get anywhere near you’ll (a) be much faster than the speed of sound already and (b) lacking enough atmosphere to form a compression wave (etc)…

    And to complete an irritating Internet comment according to the rules: I have no better idea.

    Also, it doesn’t matter. Except that you’ll get stuff like this.


    (if by some mischance you haven’t already come across or deployed it, The Bradbury Defense is named after Ray ditto:

    “You see, nine-year-old boys are always finding me out. A few years back, one dreadful boy ran up to me and said: ‘Mr. Bradbury?’

    ‘Yes?’ I said.

    ‘That book of yours, ‘The Martian Chronicles?’ he said.

    ‘Yes,’ I said.

    ‘On page 92, where you have the moons of Mars rising in the East?’

    ‘Yeah,’ I said.

    ‘Nah,’ he said.

    So I hit him.”)

  2. acb says:

    Consider your teeth rattled.

  3. Sean says:

    That is a handsome cover indeed, and a gorgeous pike. When can we get our grubby (or, perhaps, slimy) little paws on this?

  4. rr says:

    Hahahah. That pike? rising in the east? very handsome.

    And your photographs look gorgeous on the blog. Even more so than on flickr. I wonder whether it’s the dark background.

  5. acb says:

    Sean: book due out in July.

    Rachel: I think it must be a dark background. Either that or being smaller than on Flickr…

  6. Ros says:

    LOVE the cover. I shall pre-order just as soon as I can. Good to see you on Tuesday and (because I don’t have your postal address, and the last posting date is today, so you probably won’t see this in time to supply it) happy Christmas.

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