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The worst redesign in newspaper history

is, I think what the FT has done to its site this week. What used to be a compact, elegant and clear display of a great deal of information for grownups is now like a mobile phone designed for the … Continue reading

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apologies for absence

I have been starting a site at the Guardian, and just too busy to post here, or even to think. I have never in my life had anything like the quantity and virulence of hatemail that I’m getting there. I … Continue reading

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Make this man a bishop!

From the comments received at Third Way magazine on their interview with Peter Akinola. Archdeacon Dennis Onyekuru Owerri: In all times God provides for Himself a representative, a mouth piece. This is to show the world His sovereignty, that He … Continue reading

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The shock of Apostasy

I seem to have picked up another fan. A C Grayling, in comments to one of my Guardian blog pieces, says: Andrew; perhaps meditating what tendentiousness you could muster in response to the extraordinary courage of some dozens of people … Continue reading

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On Friday I put up a piece on the Guardian’s Comment is Free about the hideous philistinism of Andy Burnham, the minister for “Culture, Media and Sport” who wants to turn libraries into community centres, with coffee bars, music, mobile … Continue reading

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A new blog

I have started a blog on god over at the Guardian’s site. All sane and civilised comments welcome. It will presumably impact on posting frequency here, unless I manage to find some way to post stuff simultaneously at both places.

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In which Stephen Glover …

Is forced to swallow the contents of his sickbag in his column for the, erm, Independent:<blockquote>So what do I think of last week’s re-vamp, as well as other changes introduced by The Independent’s new editor, Roger Alton, over the past … Continue reading

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A short Q&A with Melanie Phillips

In this morning’s Mail she has a pop at Baroness Warnock: Q: Has there ever been anyone who has displayed more inhumanity towards her fellow human beings, and yet had more influence over British society, than the noble Baroness Warnock? … Continue reading

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Improbable statistics

According to Spiegel, there are between 8,000 and 10,000 wild boars living in and around Berlin today; according to the Guardian, the Independent currently sells, at full price, 131,566 copies. That’s before they put the price up 25% to £1.00. … Continue reading

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Moronic BBC story

clipped from the news site this afternoon: To use a phrase that Ros thinks is the stupidest ever printed on a newspaper website, What do you think texting does to your driving?

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