Make this man a bishop!

From the comments received at Third Way magazine on their interview with Peter Akinola.

Archdeacon Dennis Onyekuru Owerri: In all times God provides for Himself a representative, a mouth piece. This is to show the world His sovereignty, that He is ever present, all powerful and so on. The entire world is ever grateful to Archbishop, His Grace Most Rev Peter Akinola for making himself available for this. He is expressing our minds to a decaying world whether they will hear or not the truth it is better said than keeping silent.
Why is this man only an archdeacon, when his talents clearly fit him for a place very close to the archiepiscopal chair, if not immediately beneath it?

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4 Responses to Make this man a bishop!

  1. Simon Pride says:

    Love the “and so on”.

  2. Alan Wilson says:

    Alan Coren, writing a final Amin piece from beyond the grave?

  3. It is so good to know an Anglican has assumed the position once usurped by the Pope.

  4. Andrew, are you suggesting that the Very Rev. Mr Owerri should become the archiepiscopal domestic utensil?

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