Civilisation in Cambridge

In keeping with the spirit of Christmas I would point out that the Cambridge Wine Merchants of Cambridge, England, are selling some venerable Riesling at prices which are almost incredible. I found in their Bridge Street shop last week a superlative 1982 bottle for ten pounds something; and hope this afternoon to pick up the 1973 Riesling which was eighteen pounds something, a price I shrank from like a fool.

These have to be the most fantastic bargains on the planet right now. I can’t remember the names, and they were not the dry rieslings I prefer to drink — which hardly matters when a wine is this good. Nor do they show up on the web site. You’ll just have to go there.

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2 Responses to Civilisation in Cambridge

  1. Rupert says:

    You had to keep this back for today, didn’t you, while prattling on about peanut farmers during my Cambridgeshire window of opportunity.

    Never mind. We will be hard pressed as it is to do justice to the collection of bottles retrieved from Morningside earlier this afternoon. Old Raj – terrible pun, but a particularly fine yellow gin – leads the charge, with Te Bheag providing support from the isles.

    The supplies are in, the drawbridge has been double-lashed in the feck-off position, family has been defly deflected, piles of reading material are in position and the Chinese banquet Christmas lunch is booked.

    Edinburgh reports ready


  2. acb says:

    Had I known you were in Cambridgeshire, I would have been happy to arrange for a guided tour. I can’t work out from your comments whether Christmas is to be celebrated in Edinburgh or London. No matter, by the time you’ve worked through all those bottles, neither of you will know, or care. Now I must put the rules of the Finnish out game somewhere.

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