More formal programme plug

The _Analysis_ programme on American religion goes out next Thursday, 29 December, at 8.30 GMT, and can be heard for a week thereafter by any of this blog’s [“remarkably far-flung”:] readers who have broadband. The cast ranges from a former president of the USA to a current commentator here. We have, in no particular order:

* Jimmy Carter
* “Joseph Q. Wilson”: (apparently the man who came up with the slogan _Just say No_ )
* Professor Nicholas Boyle, the originator of the Transcendental Turkey Baster theory, though the phrase is due to
* “Harriet Baber,”: philosopher of this parish
* “Joseph Bottum,”: the editor of _First Things_ magazine
* The [“Rev’d Richard Cizik,”:] chief lobbyist for the National Evangelical Association
* Gordon Atkinson, better known as “Real Live Preacher”:
* The Rev’d Dr Judith Maltby (American chaplain of an Oxford college)
* Professor James Morone, historian at Brown University.

People seriously interested in this topic should on no account neglect Clifford Longley’s “excellent book”: _Chosen People._

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