The Saffron Walden Quadrilateral

I loathe these things, and refuse to transmit this one even to He or qB whose answers might be interesting. But Mrs Tilton has brought such beautiful legs into my life – eight at a time — that I must “obey her.”: Besides. It’s Friday morning. The programme is all recorded. I have only -one- two columns[1] to write over the weekend. (I know there’s something else happening then, but I have almost managed to forget it). So, here goes:

*Four jobs you’ve had in your life:* Factory worker, barman, nursing auxilary, religion and royal affairs correspondent
*Four films you could watch over and over* erk — _Godfather II, Spirited Away, Leningrad Cowboys Go America, Some LIke it Hot_
*Four places you’ve lived* Belgrade, Stockholm, LIlla Edet, London
*Four TV shows you love to watch* double erk. _The Simpsons_, some _Buffy, Ice Hockey world championships, University Challenge_
*Four places you’ve been on holiday* Ljubljana, Vienna, Trysil, Avignon
*Four websites you visit daily* Bloglines, and from there Making light,,Scott Rosenberg
*Four of your favourite foods* Fresh grayling, trout, perch. Sauerkraut.
*Four places you’d rather be* Vienna, Rome, New York, San Francisco

fn2. oops!

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