The Saffron Walden Quadrilateral

I loathe these things, and refuse to transmit this one even to He or qB whose answers might be interesting. But Mrs Tilton has brought such beautiful legs into my life – eight at a time — that I must obey her. Besides. It’s Friday morning. The programme is all recorded. I have only one two columns1 to write over the weekend. (I know there’s something else happening then, but I have almost managed to forget it). So, here goes:

Four jobs you’ve had in your life: Factory worker, barman, nursing auxilary, religion and royal affairs correspondent
Four films you could watch over and over erk — Godfather II, Spirited Away, Leningrad Cowboys Go America, Some LIke it Hot
Four places you’ve lived Belgrade, Stockholm, LIlla Edet, London
Four TV shows you love to watch double erk. The Simpsons, some Buffy, Ice Hockey world championships, University Challenge
Four places you’ve been on holiday Ljubljana, Vienna, Trysil, Avignon
Four websites you visit daily Bloglines, and from there Making light,,Scott Rosenberg
Four of your favourite foods Fresh grayling, trout, perch. Sauerkraut.
Four places you’d rather be Vienna, Rome, New York, San Francisco

2 oops!

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