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Does anyone out there have experience of a palm tungsten T? I see some being sold off as binends, and I am horribly tempted.

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  1. John says:

    I’ve been using a Tungsten T for almost a year now, having previously used a Palm IIIx for three years and various Psion handheld models before that.

    The T|T may not be the fastest Palm PDA or have the latest, fanciest colour screen, but it’s still a very useful machine. It comes with Documents to Go, which allows you to read and edit MS Excel and Word files on the move. It’s capable of communicating with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, which will save a certain amount of hassle with cables if you have a suitably-equipped phone or desktop computer. The colour display is quite good – certainly I’ve no reason to complain so far, and it’s a lot nicer (and bigger) than that of most mobile phones I’ve seen.

    The T|T comes with 16MB of RAM, which is plenty for the sort of diary-and-notepad functionality which most people want from a PDA. If you want to hold larger files you can plug in a SD memory card to hold your larger Word and Excel documents, MP3 files or bitmap images, or backups of your Palm’s RAM. (There are also utilities which will allow you to run some applications from an SD card, though I haven’t felt the need to try them out.) I don’t do this myself, but I understand that it will quite happily use a GPRS-enabled mobile phone as a modem so that you can use it to send and receive email or browse the web. If you’re going to keep your PDA offline, you can use Jpluck or iSilo or Avantgo to download web pages to your T|T via your PC.

    As with all Palm PDAs, there’s a ton of freeware and shareware available. As far as extra hardware goes, I’ve only felt the need so far to buy the aforementioned SD card and a leather carry case. The carry case is handy because the T|T lacks a cover for the display, and I hated the cheap clear plastic protective cover which Palm supplied as standard.

    If the T|T is being offered at a reasonable price, it’s certainly worth a look. If you have any questions about what I’ve said, feel free to drop me an email.

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