A small heartening story

For work-related reasons (I was trying to avoid it) I plugged the name of the drummer with CSNY into [“Google”:google:dallas.taylor] this morning.

Turns out that “Dallas Taylor”:http://www.dallastaylorband.com/music.html is still alive, and working as an addiction counsellor in Los Angeles, after life as a junkie cost him all his money and then his liver. He seems to have dedicated the thirteen years since his liver transplant to helping other people. What makes this story really inspiring is that there is another Dallas Taylor, a star of gay video porn. He has the “domain name”:http://www.dallastaylor.com/ but it is “the musician”:http://www.dallastaylorband.com/ who has the first two slots on Google. And now I have given him two more gratuitous links to increase his lead there.

Given that Google is actually a measure of the preferences of the net, it’s rather encouraging to see this ranking works.

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