Lost in the supermarket

I’m suddenly tormented with lust for a digital camera. There is a family expedition to Tuscany next week; I don’t want to schlep a big SLR around and then spend

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  1. snapper says:

    I’ve just been down the local snapper’s paradise and the the blokes there they say G5 no doubt about it.

    It’s here: http://ukdigitalcameras.safeshopper.com/74/742.htm?555 for

  2. el Patron says:

    and I’ve just sold, I think, a dream story to the _Guardian_ Saturday magazine. Quick: get them to say that the A80 will do just as well.

  3. snapper says:

    Well, Digital Photography Review like the A70 very much: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canona70/page15.asp, and the A80’s even better, so I’m sure it’s very good. And it’s more than

  4. el Patron says:

    you’re right. It’s broken in Opera, too; and I can’t work out why. It’s obviously something I did when I floated the posted class off to the right. Didn’t have any effect on the main page though.

    Anyway, an A80 is due here on Monday, after a remarkably spirited discussion with wife and daughter. In the end I just couldn’t justify to myself the extra for the G5. Besides, this is smaller, lighter, and takes AA batteries, which makes it better for fishing trips in wild places than something that has to be recharged.

    Besides (2) I can always dream about a g8 now.

  5. el Patron says:

    Ok. Multiple small nonenses fixed, I think. And “textile”:http://www.bradchoate.com formatting ought to work in comments, too. I may rgret this, and, if I do, I _will_ remove it.

  6. el Patron says:

    Yup. [“Textile”:google:Brad Choate Textile formatting] works in comments.

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