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Don’t be a hamster! This note is for all the francophone readers: you know, when you were being taught in school, that none of this stuff seemed as if it would be any use? Well, here’s the proof of that intuition, from the Guardian‘s Paris correspondent.

Apropos nothing, as the Church Mice said, any dedication now puts me in mind of one from a Commander Cody record I used to own and found again on eMusic: “Are there any truck drivers out there tonight?”
[Whoops, applause, shouts of ‘Hell, yeah!’]
[Pause. the Commander rallies his strength, and shouts out louder …]
“Are there any drunken truck drivers out there tonight!”
[prolonged delirious applause].
The album, originally titled “We’ve got a live one here”, was recorded in Oxford, Oxfordshire. The audience must have been very glad to know that all the drunken American lorry drivers were safely away from their vehicles.

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