Ongoing improvements

Jeremy Henty asked in comments what was the God and Darwin conference. It’s “at the British Academy,”: on Friday this week, and it is sold out. In fact, it was someone in the comments here who told me about it, which has significantly shifted the financial impact of this blog, by costing me an extra £165.00.

I shall have to gut the workers’ pension fund.

As part of the ongoing strategy to meet and surpass investor expectations, many of this blog’s opinions will in future be supplied from an anonymous warehouse in an industrial park on the A14, and facts will in future be collected by seasonal teams of Lithuanian students who sleep in tents and are only seen walking to work at dawn, smoking dark tobacco which leaves a sharp trail in the morning air.

Comments will only be accepted from people who have filled out a registration form containing information that will help us to personalise the information from carefully selected partners that will in future decorate the comment screen. By reading this comment you agree that World Domination Enterprises (who own the registration for this domain) may install selected software components on your computer, mobile phone, and other electronic devices, including but not limited to satellite navigation systems, washing machines, and ATM cards.

This software requires Microsoft Windows{tm}. Windows{tm} will be installed, for those users without it. IMPORTANT. Mac users, please back up your system before reading this comment.

Emergency exits are located at the front and rear of the aircraft and over the wings. In the unlikely event of a 500 error, lifejackets are located under your seats.

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  1. Jeremy Henty says:

    Thanks for the pointer Andrew. Shame it’s sold out.

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