Test …

this should be an entry on the sqlite backend.

Ha ha! Movable sodding type: consider yourself pwnzed. I strangle Mena Trott in the intestines of Larry Wall and I _dance!_

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3 Responses to Test …

  1. Congratulations (pwnzed?).

    A few glitches/changes:

    The comment preview and post buttons are not bracketed by ” “. (But not on the preview page!)

    Per-post URLs used to have /archive/ in the path, and now do not.

    The “personal information” (name/email/url) has been forgotten.

  2. Huh.

    I meant to type: are bracketed by ampersand-nbsp-semicolon. Well, I did type it, literally, and it showed up literally in the preview, but then got interpreted in the post.

  3. acb says:

    Yup. Sorry about the lost cookies. I think that happened because I had to remove all the plugins. I am adding them back one by one to see what broke it earlier. So that stuff may suddenly return.

    The buttons seem to have reverted. I will fix that.

    the /archive/ link was change because I was having problems with dynamic publishing. I still have problems with that. I may be able to change it back, though. If there is one thing I have accumulated lots of inte last week or so, it is backups.

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