Sushi Pizza

On this blog we refrain from Norwegian jokes but I would not like to take seriously this recipe from Dagbladet. Yes, it is a sushi pizza, with the fish (Norwegian salmon and Norwegian halibut are specified) arranged on round platters of sushi rice and with a “wasabi sauce” made with mayonnaise to bind it.

I am not going to translate the whole thing, but even non-Norwegian speakers will notice, if they click through, that the sushi pizza is garlanded with strawberries.

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5 Responses to Sushi Pizza

  1. quinn says:

    It doesn’t look like pizza or sushi, but it does look like Scandinavian food. If they find out the japanese are fond of pickling, that’s sure to make some horrible additions on the next round.

    Also, I’m pretty sure those are raspberries. more disturbing for me is that sprig of, i think, dill on the top.


  2. acb says:

    Oh it’s dill, all right. But dill is natural. Dill is what God puts on salmon. Trust me: I’m a journalist.

  3. I am now contemplating declaring war on Norway.

  4. Robert Nowell says:

    Are Norwegian jokes the Swedish equivalent of Irish Kerryman jokes or German East Frisian jokes?

  5. And I thought Norwegian food had improved! It was certainly better last time I was there than my previous visit in the 60s. But I won’t hear a word said against dill – with fish or potatoes it is magic and crayfish taste of nothing without dill. And yes, Norwegian jokes in Sweden are just like English ones about the Irish.

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