Colour and speech

According to “Language log”: there is a study out suggesting that Nerds, or dorkenheimers, are identified in the Californian school system because they are “too white” and avoid all the “Black” stylings of speech and dress traditionally[1] affected by white teenagers. But this can’t be true. I remember distinctly when Zonker, who is Californian, was advertising a Nerdcare anti-sun lotion, and it was minty green. I’m away from the family archive CD, so I can’t find the link.

fn1. on the “classic” timescale — ie since about 1959

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2 Responses to Colour and speech

  1. Country Vicar on Holiday says:

    When I used to work there I figured 1958-1959 was a bout as far back as the collective memory went.

  2. John Stracke says:

    No, Nerdcare was primarily white. In the final panel, though, Zonker said that it was now available in pale, whiter shade of pale, and new minty green.

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