Colour and speech

According to Language log there is a study out suggesting that Nerds, or dorkenheimers, are identified in the Californian school system because they are “too white” and avoid all the “Black” stylings of speech and dress traditionally1 affected by white teenagers. But this can’t be true. I remember distinctly when Zonker, who is Californian, was advertising a Nerdcare anti-sun lotion, and it was minty green. I’m away from the family archive CD, so I can’t find the link.

1 on the “classic” timescale — ie since about 1959

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2 Responses to Colour and speech

  1. Country Vicar on Holiday says:

    When I used to work there I figured 1958-1959 was a bout as far back as the collective memory went.

  2. John Stracke says:

    No, Nerdcare was primarily white. In the final panel, though, Zonker said that it was now available in pale, whiter shade of pale, and new minty green.

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