Conservatives and homophobes

Damian Thompson [“has been examining”:] the problem of homosexuality and the Anglican Communion on his _Telegraph_ blog, and this has led to at least one delightful misunderstanding: commentator “Terwilliger” writes

bq(loony). You are quite correct Damian but sometimes it is necessary to put all pleasantries aside so that others are QUITE aware of what they are being asked to approve of. I realize that some people call it “love” but honestly, if one explains objectively what’s really going on, most of us wouldn’t dare suggest this sexual lifestyle as commenable for anyone. As you saidm, it is “disgusting” but that should not surprise anyone.

I wanted to add a comment myself, urging Damian to read _The Line of Beauty:_ %(sane)a shocking book about the misadventures of a young gay Oxford graduate from the provinces who falls in with Conservative politicians in Notting Hill — you would not believe what these people get up to% but the site demanded I register. It is a pity, though: I would like to imagine a long queue of po-faced commentators trying tastefully to open Damian’s eyes to the horrors of the gay lifestyle.

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2 Responses to Conservatives and homophobes

  1. Damian Thompson says:

    Andrew, it should come as no surprise to you that I read The Line of Beauty the moment it, er, came out. As for the horrors of the gay lifestyle, I haven’t been to an Anglo-Catholic drinks party for years.

  2. acb says:

    Fair enough. I only wish, though, that I had managed to lead the commentator steadily onwards into ever more empurpled denunciations of the wickendess of sodomites.

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