Hume meets a modern business leader

I forget who this was, but it is interesting that these are exactly, it seems to me, the character traits celebrated in modern American business:

bq. He was courteous, affable, enĀ­gaging, eloquent; full of insinuation and address; inexhaustible in his resources; active and enter-prising. But these splendid accomplishments were attended with such defects as rendered them perniĀ­cious to his country, and even ruinous to himself: he was volatile, inconstant, faithless, revengeful , malicious: restrained by no principle or duty : insatiable in his pretensions : and whether successful or unfortunate in one enterprise, he immediately undertook another, in which he was never deterred”

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2 Responses to Hume meets a modern business leader

  1. Robert Nowell says:

    This reads rather like a description of our departing Prime Minister.

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