Hume on Scots cuisine

While I was not blogging last month, I did fool around a bit with using “my phone”: as a note-taking device. The idea is to photograph whatever pages seem interesting, using the “document” setting on the camera, and then OCR the jpegs later. It works pretty well, even with old books:

bq. Their whole equipage consisted of a bag of oatmeal, which, as a supply in case of necessity each soldier carried behind him; together with a light plate of iron, on which he instantly baked the meal into a cake in the open fields. But his chief subsistence was the cattle which he seized . and his cookery was as expeditious, as all his other operations. After flaying the animal he placed the skin, loose and hanging in the form of a bag, upon some stakes ; he poured water into it, kindled a fire below, and thus made it serve as a cauldron for the boiling of his victuals.

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