National Character

Not to stereotype or anything but I have just had my first piece of German blog spam and it’s wonderfully fake-professorial: two paragraphs analysing the performances of different sorts of fund in Frankfurt last year. This is illustrated with lots of small nerdy percentages: in contrast to American lottery spam, or even the promises to grow your organ, this says you can hope for no more that 7.9% a year from these investments.

Only when I read it more carefully did I notice that it wasn’t selling anything explicitly. It had a byline at the top, in the manner of German newspaper reports but this turns out to be a real address somewhere in Estonia. So there is, somewhere in Estonia, some guy who is spamming English-speaking blogs with his Germanophone analysis of the stock markets of Europe. Isn’t the internet wonderful?

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  1. Mrs Tilton says:

    Now isn’t that odd — here I am sitting in Germany, and some guy in Slovenia is spamming me with English-language reports that I can achieve a return of 8.1% on Somerset mangold-wurzel futures.

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