Monday Morning

I woke up with an ear infection that made me feel as if my brain were floating in a viscous bath inside my head, so that any sudden movement would set it rocking. There are pills that cure this, but they take about half an hour to work, and wear off, too.

Then some of the print on the monitor started to crawl in front of my eyes. It started to quiver in front of other people’s eyes, too, which looks like an early sign of failure. I’d rather the monitor failed than I did, but still.

Then Opera crashed on startup. There are some malformed attachments which will do this. The cure is to look at the webmail with some other browser and delete all the evil spam before restarting Opera, but this didn’t work at all today and I had to delete all the index files bofore the porgram would even start.

Driving to the station in the rain, I discovered that the car roof was leaking, and water dripping down the back of the drivers’ mirror. No, I don’t want to buy a new car, either.

All in all, a day to make me feel like a very angry swan. You know the thing that swans do when they are in a mood to break a man’s arm with one blow of their wings, and they rise up and shake their wings like the last thing Leda saw? It’s majestic, terrifying, and I fear I more resemble this cygnet, spotted yesterday at Eyebrook Reservoir, trying to frighten me away.

If you prefer your cygnets sharp, there are some here. It’s interesting that jpeg compression just can’t deal with the complexities of downy plumage.

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