A limited range of emotions

So I was reading Mills on music, and the examples he gave of sublimity were Mozart and Weber’s _Oberon._ Right, then, off to eMusic to see what Weber sounds like. The first discovery is that Emusic has been “improved” for British users, which means that it costs more, and, presumably, offers fewer tracks. In any case, I found the overture in question, downloaded it, and then had to find it on disk. There is a script for MediaMonkey (the music player that I use) which will show all newly added, unplayed tracks. That seems to have fallen off in a recent reinstall, so I Googled it, and found a young man who wanted to classify his music collection – like this:

%(loony)custom1: Thrash, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Speed Metal
custom2: Epic, Suffocating, Fierce, Crunchy, Thuggish, Rambunctious, Menacing, Earnest, Angry, Uncompromising, Tense/Anxious, Searching, Nihilistic, Hostile, Gritty, Gloomy, Bitter, Fiery, Intense, Theatrical, Cerebral%

Someone to avoid at parties, I rather think.

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  1. tournesol says:

    I too have been visiting e-Music today after a lapse of some time only to discover that in its new regional guise many of the albums I want aren’t available in my country. There are scads of aggrieved comments pointing this out from other would-be users.

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