Right: Simon Sarmiento, and others, write that the graphic saying “Helmintholog” is clipped. I know it’s clipped. I clipped it. I did this because, when I didn’t, the site switched to a one-column layout when narrower than about 850px and I wanted people with small screens to understand what it was meant to look like. Somehow I set the width wrong when I did this. It is now fixed. There has to be some way gracefully to degrade the logo on narrow screens, and I think the overflow is quicker, and stranger, than trying to resize the underlying gif. Anyway, it no longer clips, in any browser I have tested, at 1024*whatever.

Mozilla now displays the two books side by side rather than one above the other. Every other browser understands that when you ask it to display one span with “float:left” followed by another span with “float:right” this means that there should be a gap between them. Only Gecko supposes that I mean for them both to be squashed up against the right-hand edge of the box. I wasted some more time trying to get a gecko-only display that would fill the unwanted blank space with the words “eschew mozilla” but it suddenly stopped displaying background colours and graphics when (and only when) I wanted it to show them.

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  1. quinn says:

    danny is the gecko advocate of the house. everytime i come into his room and announce that gecko is in some way fricking broken, he assures me that it’s standards compliant. and he’s turned out to be right everytime, even when the standard is bloody broken. and then there’s where the standard is ambiguous, and all the browsers are somewhat compliant and do completely different things. i remember being at a parc talk where someone was introduced as one of the architects of css, and the room broke into spontaneous applause- my guess is that’s less likely to happen these days. i think fron now on when i need to put something simple by something else simple, i’ll use a table and leave a caustic note in the comments.

    due to budgetary constraints neither ada nor i will be coming over this time. i very much wish we could! i am hoping to make it over with ada again before they start charging for her.

  2. danny says:

    Well, that’s what I *used* to say. Now what I say is that Gecko has the best documented bugs.

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