the littlest lies

Bush falling off his bicycle inspired all the obvious jokes about training wheels — it is a telling comment on his record that these jokes should seem so obvious — but also a quite fascinating lie. The press spokesdroid claimed he slipped on earth which had been loosened by recent rain. Now, it turns out that the inhabitants of Crawford would know this is a lie, because it only rained properly one day this month: what interests me is that this information is publicly available, and various bloggers checked the rainfall records for that part of Texas to nail the lie the very day it was told. Sometimes, the Internet really does help us get our own back, even though the story won’t have much impact until it is put in the newspapers. To lie about something so small, and so pointless, says a great deal about thier attitudes to power..

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2 Responses to the littlest lies

  1. dave heasman says:

    He’s drinking again, isn’t he? I can see an elaborate lie being spun to hide that.

  2. Rupert says:

    Perhaps he was trying to eat a pretzel at the time, his personal physician (so much better than the impersonal kind) happened to come out of a sideroad on a Segway and he had to break with one hand off the handlebars?

    It’s a very dull lie. We deserve better and more imaginative falsehoods, otherwise we really are going to suspect that he’s zonked on something that makes him fall over. All we know for sure is that he hit the ground fast enough for the scrapes to show: the bikes, the doctor and the ranch path are up there with the rainfall.


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