Annual silliness

“Rachel has tagged”: (spattered?) me with one of those nasty meme things. If I do it now, that’s my lot for the year. So, here goes: five things you had no reason to know about me, and which I don’t mind sharing with the world. That last stipulation, I know, rules out the possibility that they might be very interesting.

# I grew up pretty much bilingual in English and Serbo-Croat because we moved to Belgrade when I was three. After six months in an English boarding school, I had forgotten all my serbo-croat by the time I was nine. I can now just about spell out words in cyrillic, and I remember the Serbian word for “arse”.
# When I was fourteen, I made quite a lot of pocket money selling dry flies to the local fishing shop.
# I was thrown out of Bedales when I was sixteen, so I never went to university, nor even acquired any A levels.
# I was entirely happy in the autumn of 1986, playing trivial pursuit machines in pubs. I did not pay for an evening’s drinking for three months.
# The night that “Windsor Castle burnt,”:,_1992 I was the only journalist inside the building, since I was attending a seminar in the library.

In a spirit of seasonal misanthropy, I nominate [“Jorun Boklöv”:], [“Fred Clark”:], [“Rafe Coburn”:], and [“Larry Moran”:].

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7 Responses to Annual silliness

  1. Happy 2007! What’s the Serbo-Croat word for ‘arse’?

  2. acb says:


  3. Ambridge Resident says:

    Rebecca’s 5 are more interesting than yours.
    She’s easier on the eye too.
    That’s a hell of a lens on her camera, does she do macro?
    You forgot to mention the one before Bedales (which I forgot).

  4. acb says:

    She’s called Rachel. You can ask her yourself about macros, but she’s a very good photographer. Should I tag you, or just put up five things about your life here?

  5. Many years ago there lived in Malvern, Jamaica, an insurance salesman named Dupa Level. I sincerely hope he never ran into any Serbs, Croats, or Slovenes.

  6. Jorun says:

    My list is up, in Swedish.

    God forts├Ąttning!

  7. Ambridge Vicar says:

    > Should I tag you, or just put up five things
    > about your life here?

    No, I want to finish my career in gentle obscurity thank you,
    rather like the company I work for.

    I was going to blog, so you could’ve tagged me, but decided not to do the blog thing.
    In my line of work the less you say, the better.

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