Why no knighthood for Saddam Hussein?

If John Scarlett could get a knighthood for helping to get us into the war, and for services in the fight against Al-Qaeda, it seems very unfair that Saddam Hussein could not, too. After all, he did as much as he could to assist in the belief that his government had WMDs; he suppressed al-Qaeda ruthlessly when he had the chance, as well as many of the other enemies of the British governent at the moment. Too bad he seems to have concentrated on buying the Australian Wheat Board rather than the Labour Party.

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2 Responses to Why no knighthood for Saddam Hussein?

  1. davemack says:

    maybe a posthumous award would be in order? (And, to complete the logic, perhaps Scarlett should also swing?)

  2. Julie says:

    You could set up an on-line petition to 10, Downing Street, after the fashion of Daniel Finkelstein for Ringo Starr – but perhaps you, too, are being ironic.

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