and faintly ridiculous deadhead that I am, I have just found the most wonderful resource.

OK, It’s not Radio 3, which remains the ultimate justification for Real Player. But GD Radio still offers about 500 performances, many of which are real gems.

It’s also a way to listen to obscure electronic stuff like Infrared Roses (clip 136 introduces that stuff), which I really don’t want to pay for. Rupert should like IR. In fact, if clip 184 off that page doesn’t get to you guys with broadband, I shall begin to suspect that my wife was right when she told me yesterday that I am a little insane, wholly uninterested in the truth, abusive, manipulative, and possibly suffering from some fatal disease.

And if Claire Armitstead gets me the McNally book in time, I shall have some pleasantly relaxing reviewing to do next week, when we’re off to Italy for a family holiday.

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2 Responses to unreconstructed

  1. Rupert says:

    Er. If I said Silver Apples Of The Moon (or is it Infrared Roses?) sounds to me like the Top Gear theme tune… Not that I would, of course. That would be crass, if correct.

    I think the thing that gets me about the Dead is that it’s all so darn tasteful, even when they’re paddling that blues canoe out on a limb somewhere near Ophiuchus Epsilon. I like a bit of maelstrom in my polymorphic mayhem. Nobody ever accused Captain Beefheart of anything approaching good taste, but when faced with a bottom he’d kick it (or stick a peyote button up it, grit and all) instead of sprinking it with stardust-scented talcum powder.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Nothing at all wrong with Prokoviev’s third piano concerto, esp played by Martha Argerich.


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