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You can induce egglaying in frogs (Not safe for frog lovers) by injecting them with human hormones: I learned this indirectly from a letter this morning about my column on wikigenes, which turned out to appeal to an Oxford researcher … Continue reading

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Why I pay the subscription

I am sitting in the reading room of the London Library, a place to which I often retreat when I have an afternoon in London. The room where laptops are encouraged is lined with reference works in various languages, and … Continue reading

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Longer Rowan Williams

(run through a scanner, darkly: particularly horribly phrases highlighted. Page references lost in translation. ) Dialogue goes on because of a trust that recognition will be possible. And acknowledging that misrecognition happens is part of the fuel of continuing the … Continue reading

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Shorter Rowan Williams

You are what you waffle

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Displacement activity

In the last week I have been trying to start up a potentially important web site; get two, perhaps three, long radio programmes going; write two columns; review Rowan Williams’ book on Dostoevski; organise a page of collected reviews for … Continue reading

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I’m obviously going to try the new Google browser, Chrome, when it comes out. But there are two three things to note. The first is that it seems to me a further instance of Norwegian world domination: it is based … Continue reading

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