* You can induce egglaying in frogs (Not safe for frog lovers) by injecting them with human hormones: I learned this indirectly from a letter this morning about my column on wikigenes, which turned out to appeal to an Oxford researcher who also liked the Swedish book. The particular video to which I have linked may be disturbing to frog-lovers; but the site itself is a fascinating compendium of video’ed experiments ove every sort, and an example of the spread of bottom-up science on the web that I was writing about. Of course, someone will be along now to say that fertility rtreatment in humans involves injhecting them with horse hormones or something.
* Yesterday, in the Guardian‘s editorial conference, when the morning’s paper was boing swiftly run through, it was announced that “Richard Littlejohn will have an orgasm this week: there are three supplements full of advertising in Society Guardian” — but it turns out the news is too important to wait for Littlejohn’s column, and the paper devotes a whole page to denouncing us today.
* On the other hand, the Mail‘s splash today is a corking story: a really wonderful piece of journalism, in which they establish that the immensely rich Iranian lawyer currently adivising five of the London policemen suing the Met for racial discrimination has a conviction for telesales farud in California and appears to have bought his law degree from a mail order university in Hawaii, subsequently shut down by the authorities.

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