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Small grumpy whinge

I was trying to post a comment on Rupert’s blog but stopped when I was threatened with registration. “Threatened”, you say? HOw else to interpret these “Benefits”: “Your ZDNet membership gives you many more benefits including entry to our community … Continue reading

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Anglican energies

This post will veer, you’ll notice, between the sublime and the faintly ridiculous. I have often wondered, when dealing with the clergy of the Church of England, how it is that such palpably intelligent and thoughtful people, many of whom … Continue reading

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Market failure

or possibly Amazon failure. I was putting the world’s smallest and most discreet book-buying link into the sidebar right now (obviously it would be wrong to link to it here) and thought that I might as well point the links … Continue reading

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In the long run, even the dead don’t stay grateful

via John Naughton, I see that Paul Krugman has resuscitated the argument that the Dead were pioneers of the new economy by allowing taping of their concerts and making their money as much from merchandising and touring as from record/CD … Continue reading

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As you value your sanity

Don’t click here. Really. Don’t. And don’t send me the therapist’s bill if you do. Found via Making Light, which has more, and worse in the same vein.

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Also, I may murder my own mother

I went round to see her this afternoon, because her smoke alarm was cheeping, and tried the change the battery. When I twisted it, as the embossed instructions said to do, I wrenched the whole damn thing off the ceiling. … Continue reading

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The current issue of the New Yorker is a real winner. There are some classic cartoons, an unspeakably grim story by Annie Proulx about lives of two poor soldiers from Wyoming, and a series of small, thoughtful and illuminating stories … Continue reading

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Widespread revulsion at Andrew Brown

Various people—well, the religious affairs journalists Jonathan Wynne-Jones, Damian Thompson, and Ruth Gledhill—have complained about my column this week in the Church Times on the grounds that what I wrote about Chris Morgan was “despicable” (Damian), “totally distasteful … incredibly … Continue reading

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Guilty and shameless

I haven’t posted anything for a couple of days. So I’m guilty; mostly because I have been on trains or racketing around in London when not writing two rather difficult pieces, but also because Santa came on Tuesday with a … Continue reading

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Death and Badminton

A while ago, Felix told me about a parody he had once seen of The Seventh Seal, in which Death appears on a very windy seafront, and when he announces himself the Knight thinks for a second and challenges him … Continue reading

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